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Nat Puglia 2.0 is a leading company in Italy in the production of Naturaol Stones flooring and cladding, since  2000. Projected towards an increasingly “green” future, but aware of its past, the company has been able to combine tradition and modernity, utility and beauty, technology and eco-sustainability through continuous design and production research, offering elegant solutions with strong expressiveness, reliable and durable over time.


For over 20 years Naturalmente Puglia has worked with passionate and talented professional master in Natural  Stone processing. Experience, technology and passion allow us to offer solutions that are always as the forefront and respect for the environment, and hig quality products by Naturalmente Puglia. 

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Naturalmente Puglia offers a very wide range of elegant and functional solutions, whether it is the flooring of private houses or residential buildings , both fo coverings and for the creation of furnishing objects: bathtubs, sinks, shoer tray, tops for kitchens or bathrooms, pool linings.

We offer a wide selection of aged and rough Natural Stone, with various hades that allow you find the most suitable solution for your project by customizing it. We work closely with designers, architects and builders for the praparation of the furniture project, proviging detailed information for the preliminary project, adapting it to your budget.


Advise and assitance

360° consulancy

For the choice of suitable material, the installation scheme and all doubts that may  arise during the design phase

Transport to the construction sit

We deliver throughout Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

After-sale assistance

We offer assistance and useful advise for the best conversation of the Natural Stone floor.

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