Trani Stone

Timeless elegance

Trani stone is a fine-grained limestone rock originating from the sedimentation of groundwater, with a havana-brown color that always been synonimous of quality, prestige and durability.

The beauty, the uniqueness, the aesthetic, structural and formal qualities make Trani Natural Stone an elegant and refined solution for interiors and exteriors, for the flooring and cladding of house, public buildings, garden flooring, smimming pool cladding and road paving.

The color and veins vary with the quantity and type of minerals present in the limestone, the depth of extration of the stone and the proximity to the sea, making each floor a unique solution.

Naturalmente Puglia export all over the world Trani stone, worked by passionate and talented masters, offering product that are always in line with contemporary and sustainable living.



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